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Russian Orphan Opportunity Fund
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Mission Statement

Our aim is to help each child or young adult by providing opportunities and encouragement to learn and grow; to take advantage of their own talents and gifts and make the most of them, working to overcome the disadvantages of their past and become more fully themselves.

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Since 1997, ROOF has been a pioneer in providing high-quality educational opportunities for children and young adults from Russian orphanages. We do not aim to conform our students to society, but to enable them to live in the world because they have found an understanding of what the world is about and they have grown into the confidence and maturity to find their own place in it. Above all, at ROOF we strongly believe that people can change and can be changed. We believe that we are all in the process of 'becoming' every moment of our lives and our decisions, actions and relationships constantly contribute to determining what we are in the process of becoming.

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