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Hoots Owls
United Kingdom United Kingdom  |  Animals/Wildlife

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Mission Statement

To rescue and rehabilitate owls.

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Hoots Owls have been rescuing and rehabilitating owls since July 2004, and have a formidable and in-depth knowledge of all things owl related. We travel out to events across the country, ranging from schools and community groups to steam rallies and country fairs, where you will be treated to a magnificent display of owls from all over the word. You will be amazed at the sheer beauty, elegance and friendliness of some of the world’s most graceful and stunning birds, as you interact with them and get up close, you will see for yourself just what makes these birds so precious. Hoots Owls has been rescuing owls for many years, and have gained considerable expertise in this field.

Project Sectors

Rescue & rehabilitation


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