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Mission Statement

To protect human rights through monitoring human rights violations, intervention and building solidarity with peoples' struggle for human rights, and promoting human rights culture through education and conscientising the larger community.

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For over 14 years, People's Watch has fought for the protection and promotion of human rights in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. People's Watch has similarly expanded its activities beyond human rights monitoring and reporting. Today, it pursues a holistic approach to championing human rights through everything from pursuing legal remedies on behalf of victims to sheltering victims in a rehabilitation center, to teaching future generations a human rights curriculum and building a citizen’s movement for Human Rights – of ALL RIGHTS for ALL PEOPLES. Monitoring, intervention and even winning compensation from the courts is not enough for those who had survived torture, abuse and imprisonment. They desperately need medical, psychological and vocational help as well. Preceding the United Nations Decade for Human Rights Education, People's Watch began a vigorous training and education program.

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