About Us

Xperedon is a professional worldwide fundraising organisation. Our charter is to increase and improve fundraising via the use of State-of-the-Art technology and to remove the burdensome overheads that erode the value of funds reaching needy organisations.
The unique Xperedon platform is designed to both make life easier for charities, and to generally promote global charity giving, by making it accessible, effective and relevant to users.


Founder and Chairman, Xperedon Group S.A.   Julian Worth

The Xperedon platform is the brainchild of British-born businessman and social entrepreneur, Julian Worth.

Following the sale of his successful online business in 2005, Julian found himself drawn into the world of philanthropy, where the idea for Xperedon was born.

Julian is chairman of the group's parent company, Xperedon Group S.A., in Luxembourg. His primary focus is the licensing and integration of the Group’s patented processes among global financial institutions.

  Julian Worth, Founder and Chairman, Xperedon Group
Key Xperedon Personnel    

David Hallett Managing Director & C.O.O. Xperedon Inc.  

David Hallett, CEO Xperedon Inc / CEO Xperedon Payment Services Ltd David is a British national with a background in graphic design and advertising/PR, later switching disciplines and moving into I.T. in the City of London. Before joining Xperedon David founded his own successful Geneva based design company, specialising in web based business.

He heads a multi-disciplined, international team and personally leads the company’s product design and I.T. strategies, capitalising on his years of experience in these disciplines.

Mafalda Garcia Head of Content and Design  

Mafalda Garcia, Head of Content and Design Mafalda graduated in Political Sciences and in International Relations.

She has a career-long background in web product design and heads the various teams responsible for the collection, management, and presentation of site content, as well as having overall responsibility for the company’s websites and identity.

Alan Cole Head of News Services  

Alan Cole, Head of News Services

Alan has been a qualified journalist (NCTJ-UK) for many years and has won awards for his writing. Alan leads the news team that researches, writes and edits original news content for Xperedon Charity News every weekday. He believes in promoting Good News.

Alan is based in the U.K.


Matthew Austin Transaction Processing Team  

Matt Austin, Xperedon

Matthew is a graduate of Computer Science and has a background in eCommerce using Open Source technologies.

Currently focusing on the management of the transaction security team and processes, he has a broad range of in-depth I.T. skills and is a contributor to the development team as a whole.


Dave Fernandes Front-end Development Team  

Dave Fernandez, Xperedon

Dave is a graduate in Computer Engineering. He has many years of experience working in multi-disciplined IT environments with skill sets ranging from Front End Development to Computer networks.

Dave's primary focus is on the front end development of our online web services.


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All original news articles are written in the UK by Xperedon’s Head of news, Alan Cole and edited by the Xperedon team in Geneva. Alan is an experienced award winning journalist and copywriter, and has previously worked in-house for UK publishers, Pearson Media (FT) and Northcliffe Newspapers, among others. Alan is an accredited member of the National Union of Journalists, UK

If you have some news you'd like to share with us, or an RSS feed that you would like us to include on www.giving-news.com, please just email us the link and we'll take care of the rest.