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Xperedon is a unique online solutions provider and software house based in Geneva and London, founded by Julian Worth, a successful British internet entrepreneur. Started in 2008 and operational since 2010, Xperedon have invested over $11 million to date in payment processing infrastructure and developing a platform of powerful online tools.

These platform tools are designed to be managed completely online, using a simple and friendly interface, and this content embedded into client websites according to requirements. By leveraging this powerful “engine” the development of websites, and enhancements to existing websites, is rapid and economical.

Specifically, standard features that are of use to the majority of Non Profit organisations have been developed into a suite of cloud-based solutions designed to avoid the IT issues that we are experts at, and that NFPs shouldn’t have to worry about.

Xperedon is also approved to handle online payment processing by the FCA in London, and grants secure Xperedon merchant accounts to all customers, covering Visa and MasterCard payments worldwide, and with the ability to process in 4 currencies.

  • The management team is based just outside Geneva, Switzerland, and the development centre is based in Covent Garden, Central London.
  • The Xperedon Cloud is based in the USA, employing state of the art security and services, and backed-up by a 24/7 server support team.

While the focus is on the NFP industry, Xperedon’s team and its online engine are highly adaptable to diverse requirements, and so the company also works for commercial clients and specialises in complex systems integration and data management.

Xperedon seeks long term, intimate business relationships, enabling a pro-active and strategic partnership through accrued knowledge about the relationship on both sides.

Xperedon is trusted by organisations around the world to deliver and maintain mission critical systems.

Xperedon is a professional worldwide fundraising organisation. Our charter is to increase and improve fundraising via the use of State-of-the-Art technology and to remove the burdensome overheads that erode the value of funds reaching needy organisations.

The unique Xperedon platform is designed to both make life easier for charities, and to generally promote global charity giving, by making it accessible, effective and relevant to users.


Founder and Chairman, Xperedon Group S.A.   Julian Worth

The Xperedon platform is the brainchild of British-born businessman and social entrepreneur, Julian Worth.

Following the sale of his successful online business in 2005, Julian found himself drawn into the world of philanthropy, where the idea for Xperedon was born.

Julian is chairman of the group's parent company, Xperedon Group S.A., in Luxembourg. His primary focus is the licensing and integration of the Group’s patented processes among global financial institutions.

  Julian Worth, Founder and Chairman, Xperedon Group
Key Xperedon Personnel    

David Hallett Managing Director & C.O.O. Xperedon Inc.  

David Hallett, CEO Xperedon Inc / CEO Xperedon Payment Services Ltd David is a British national with a background in graphic design and advertising/PR, later switching disciplines and moving into I.T. in the City of London. Before joining Xperedon David founded his own successful Geneva based design company, specialising in web based business.

He heads a multi-disciplined, international team and personally leads the company’s product design and I.T. strategies, capitalising on his years of experience in these disciplines.

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