CONTESA will be spotlighting over the coming few months the nine successful grassroot organisations which were successful in CONTESA's first round of small grants.

The Albino Foundation of Zambia was founded in 2008 by a group of albino persons who wanted to promote awareness and knowledge levels in Zambia of people with albinism. In 10 years the foundation has expanded to 5 branches, Chipata, Livingston, Choma, Lundazi and Kitwe. The objectives of the foundation apart from increasing awareness & knowledge are to advocate the inclusive education of children with albinism and to promote sexual reproductive health among albino youths. The foundation currently has 65 children registered, many of whom have been rejected by their fathers due to the stigma and lack of understanding.

The foundation endeavours to provide special skin creams, protective clothing, sponsors education, provides school books & materials etc. However the foundation has very limited funds and had an income in their last financial year of just £150, so the CONTESA grant will provide considerable help in delivering much needed education sponsorship & support.

CONTESA would welcome donations to help support the Albino Foundation of Zambia & such organisations so please do like, share & tweet.