Educational Support Grant Programme

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Country: Zambia
Region: Kawbe and Lusaka
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Fundraising - Children / Education  School / Orphanage


The (free) Education Programmes were together with feeding the backbone of CONTESA’s mission and achievements from 2005 to 2017 and consequently the small educational support grant programme will be one of the main focuses from July 2017. CONTESA will call for grant applications from grass root orgainsations, which normally fall under the radar and do not meet the criteria for major donors and international charities. Each grant will be vetted and checked locally by our representative before funds are released. Normally grants will be in the range of £250 to £500 but smaller and larger applications may be considered. The education and school projects and programmes commenced in 2007 and largest of these at Kabwe was handed over to the local community to manage as at 30 June 2017. We funded 4 schools for various periods which catered for over 1,500 children. In support of these school facilities CONTESA also funded the construction of 3 boreholes 3 classroom blocks and 3 ablution blocks (toilets & showers) as well as a kitchen/dining block. CONTESA worked on the theme of ‘Feeding the body and mind’. CONTESA fully funded the Kabwe Family Futures Community School which provided free schooling (up to 30 June 2017) including books and uniforms, to the eligible orphans and disadvantaged children. CONTESA also had a student sponsorship programme (grades 10-12) for the orphans and disadvantaged children. This programme matched individual students with individual sponsors and cost approximately £150 per annum inclusive of tuition fees, uniforms and school books. All these programmes are no longer funded as they have been handed over to the local partners and/or local communities. CONTESA funded the construction of The CONTESA Family Pillar Vocational & Skills Training Centre (FPVSTC) in Kabwe, this included the construction of 4 workshops. The FPVSTC has been approved by TEVETA (Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority) the Zambia accreditation authority. The streams available are carpentry, metal fabrication, computer studies, bricklaying, tailoring, plumbing and electrification are there are 2 intakes a year, producing annually 140 graduates. For the period since commencement in 2013 up to 30 June 2017 approximately 550 students graduated almost all of whom have found employment or set up a small business. This programme was handed over to the FPVSTC Board to manage and operate with effect from 30 June 2017.


To provide small grants to grass root organisations to support orphans and disadvantaged children in primary and secondary education.

Requirement Quantity Price per Unit
Books, uniforms and shoes for one child for a 1 100.00 - GBP
Assist with school and exam fees 50.00 - GBP
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