Food Grant Programme

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Country: Zambia
Region: Kabwe and Lusaka
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Fundraising - Children / Education  School / Orphanage


The (free) Feeding Programmes were the backbone of CONTESA’s mission and achievements from 2005 to 2017 and consequently the small food grant programme will be one of the main focuses from July 2017. CONTESA will call for grant applications from grass root organisations, which normally fall under the radar and do not meet the criteria for major donors and international charities. Each grant will be vetted and checked locally by our representative before funds are released. Normally grants will be in the range of £250 to £500 but smaller and larger applications may be considered. In the 12 years to 2017 the feeding programme expanded considerably both in terms of orphans and the number of meals per month. CONTESA fed an average of over 1000+ orphans and disadvantaged children daily at Kabwe alone. Just £50 fed a child for a whole year. CONTESA also supported an under 5 feeding programme at Chawama Clinic, Lusaka, these children were badly affected with illnesses brought about or made worse by malnutrition. Here the annual cost to feed a child was £100. The children were fed nutritious foods to boost their weight and immunity. CONTESA also funded one other feeding programme at Chainda which catered for 150 disadvantaged children. All these programmes are no longer funded as they have been handed over to the local partners and/or local communities.


Seeking regular donations to help provide small grants for food for orphans and disadvantaged children.

Requirement Quantity Price per Unit
Special nutrition food for malnourished child 1 100.00 - GBP
One off grant for food 1 50.00 - GBP
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