Information for donors

Xperedon is a brand new donation platform that helps you to efficiently give to your personal selection of charities or organisations in a variety of regular and automated ways. You can give one-off donations to any of the charities you find listed on our site, you can raise money in aid of your favourite charity (using Giving Groups), or you can use your Xperedon Personal Charity Plan to distribute donations to your favourite causes on a regular basis.

With your Xperedon Personal Charity account you can:

- Give, based on a direct proportion of your spending OR simply make a regular monthly donation.
- Use your account to vote in corporate donation schemes (where employers participate)
- Give "Giving Gifts" to friends or family
- And much more ...

Giving with Xperedon is easy:

- Choose charities or propose new ones for inclusion on the Xperedon platform;
- Change your donation, your beneficiaries and how your donations are shared among them.
- It's private and anonymous (if you so choose).

Charities, large and small can be found on the Xperedon website alongside each other and can be located either in the subject categories or by their HQ country. Great care is taken to ensure that featured organisations are presented in an accurate and consistent manner.
Our dedicated research team adds new entries based on strict assessment rules and verification of the organisation's credentials.
We also welcome suggestions from any website visitor and direct requests for inclusion from charities themselves.
If you can't find a charity in our listings that you would like to include in your donation plan, you can suggest it here and you'll receive an alert if they are added to the system, usually within a few days of being requested and you will then be able to add them to your list of beneficiaries.
By suggesting a charity for inclusion, you are potentially exposing it to an international audience of millions of donors.
Xperedon brings together a dedicated team of professionals and state-of-the-art technology to deliver a unique platform that allows both large and small charities to access a global audience. Anyone can link to and promote their favourite charity using the links available on individual charity pages (direct-link banners, share on Facebook, Tweet this) or can link to the Xperedon homepage using one of two generic banners available (click here).

Xperedon's Revenue

There are no costs to the donor and no joining or membership fees to charities for a basic listing. Some charities pay us an annual fee for enhanced services. Xperedon charges charities a commission which is deducted from the funds we collect and remit. It's arguably the most cost-effective way a charity can raise money!
Be a part of the revolution in charity fundraising. Charities need your money more now than ever before.
Open your Xperedon account now.