Xperedon Privacy Policy For Donors

Here are Xperedon’s Core Principles on Privacy. For the full Xperedon Privacy Policy, please click here.

Purpose of use

Any data identifying you personally will only be used by us for the purpose of processing your donations, and for communicating with you in relation to the Xperedon system. If we wish to use your personal data for any other or new purpose, we will inform you first and request your approval.

Processing on a “Need to know” basis

Your personal data is processed and accessed by members of our organisation on a “Need to know” basis only. In addition, we strive to only use, where possible, our internal identification numbers for Donors and Charities, and in so doing, separate names from transaction details.

Communications with other parties

We will not sell your personal data to anyone, nor will we communicate them to persons or organisations unrelated to us, except to follow your instructions (for instance to identify you as a Donor with a Charity). Where personal data has to be accessible to external services providers of ours, who need to access them to ensure an efficient or safe operation of our donation collection system, we do ensure that these vendors are committed to the same stringent data protection obligations.

Transfer Abroad

Our operations are international and data will be transferred outside of your domestic country into Switzerland. Your personal data will not be transferred from anywhere into any country that has an inadequate level of data protection, except, (i) if to the United States, subject to the Safe-harbor program, or (ii) except following your instructions or where we obtain your consent.


We will apply the very stringent PCI DSS data protection standards applicable to the processing of credit and debit cards. Your other personal data is equally encrypted and protected against unauthorized access or loss.

For the full Xperedon Privacy Policy, please click here.